Outreach Services

LNRP: Cultivating Community & Stewardship from the Ledge to the Lakeshore

The Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership is currently engaged in two keystone program areas supporting the lakeshore region and promoting a Land and Water Ethic.

Inquiries about these programs may be directed to:

Inquiry@LNRP.org or 920.304.1919

We All Live On The WaterWe All Live on the Water

Aldo Leopold wrote: “A true Conservation ethic will evolve only when citizens, not just government alone, take responsibility for managing and protecting our land and waters.”
The We All Live on the Water project began as a collaborative effort involving the four Lake Michigan basin-based organizations in Wisconsin.  The effort began with the production of signs that carried the same message. The campaign has evolved into a series of seminars, outreach activities, and actions designed to raise awareness and understanding of water resource issues.

A Sense of Place

In 2012, LNRP began launching a series of “place”-based stories that tie into our long-term investment in environmental stewardship.  Each story examines various views of a watershed or river or Ledge site…aerial views, close-ups, creative renditions tied with a historical perspective.  The stories elaborate on the threats, challenges and opportunities for each place, link to our Waters of the Ledge Tours, and attempt to capture compelling reasons to invite you to check them out or explore them further.