Adopt a Waterway: We All Live on the Water

We All Live on the Water signBecome a partner in protecting our water resources

Decrease the amount of pollution and environmental violations along our waterways.

Improve the beauty and quality of the environment.

Increase stewardship, awareness of local issues and community involvement.

Adopt a Waterway by sponsoring a sign

Your tax deductible donation directly supports local community efforts to protect, preserve and enhance the land and waters of the lakeshore region.

We all share responsibility for the health and prosperity of the lakeshore region.

Sign sponsorship supports these and other LNRP programs:

Lakeshore Stewardship Investment Fund;

We All Live on the Water;

And, the Lakeshore Environmental Resource Network (LERN)

The We All Live on the Water program was established in 2006 by LNRP and other Lake Michigan basin groups in response to growing public concerns regarding pollution and violations against natural resources in the lakeshore region. 

Sponsor a Sign Today!

Sponsoring a We All Live on the Water sign helps promote the importance of preserving our land and water resources by increasing local citizen involvement, cooperation and stewardship and demonstrates how important the heritage and future of Wisconsin’s natural resources are to you and your business.

Be Part of the Solution

  • For greater visibility, signs are mainly located at strategic river crossings, trail heads, lake landings, beaches and other public access points to water.
  • Your sponsorship supports your commitment to a cleaner environment.
    • $100 for individuals and families

    • $250 for businesses, municipalities and groups

  • Contribute to the protection of Wisconsin’s coastal natural resources by promoting the 1-800-TIP-WDNR hotline. Ready access of this phone number to report violations can often stop or prevent damage to the environment.

Show Your Support

  • Leave an everlasting, positive impression on the environment, community and potential customers.
  • Increase awareness of your business or organization.
  • Make this one of your individual efforts to protect our natural resources.

For more information, to make a contribution or to sponsor a sign in the lakeshore region, please contact Sherrill Anderson, LNRP Regional Outreach Coordinator,