Who is the Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership?

Our Mission:

Cultivating Community & Stewardship from the Ledge to the Lakeshore

LNRP is our region’s leading environmental advocate for the waters of northeast and east central Wisconsin, fostering stewardship in our planet’s largest watershed and taking action to champion the environment.  As a diverse group of people, we use education and coordination to support local communities’ efforts to maintain or improve our natural resources.  LNRP builds partnerships and collaborations, provides funding and support, and promotes a forum for discussion and action to advocate a balance between land use and natural resource management, the health of our lands and waters, conservation and protection.  Come grow with us!

Our Vision:

We believe in: 

An environmental stewardship ethic that facilitates cooperative planning, restoration, and responsible management of our air, land and water resources to ensure their long-term health;

An environmental stewardship ethic that acknowledges our responsibility to care for our natural resources in ways that ensure our quality of life;

An environmental stewardship ethic as key to economic prosperity, social justice and healthy ecosystems for future generations.