A Sense of Place

In 2012, LNRP began launching a series of “place”-based stories that tie into our long-term investment in environmental stewardship.  Each story examines various views of a watershed or river or Ledge site…aerial views, close-ups, creative renditions tied with a historical perspective.  The stories elaborate on the threats, challenges and opportunities for each place, link to our Ledge Tours, and attempt to capture compelling reasons to invite you to check them out or explore them further.

A favorite Gary Synder quote is a source of LNRP’s “good neighbor and cooperative community” approach to membership and programming:

Of all the memberships we identify ourselves by the one thing that is most forgotten, and that has the greatest potential for healing, is place. We must learn to know, love, and join our place even more than we love our own ideas. People who can agree that they share a commitment to the landscape/cityscape — even if they are otherwise locked in struggle with each other — have at least one deep thing to share.”A Sense of Place

LNRP’s mission is to cultivate community and stewardship from the ledge to  the lakeshore.  We accomplish our mission by fostering partnerships, providing funding, promoting a forum for discussion and dialogue, and supporting activities advocating a balance between natural resource management, conservation and protection.

We enjoy sharing our sense of place through the stories that appear in our quarterly newsletter, The Source.  However, these are only excerpts from a larger collection of notes, photos, and paintings.  The full portfolio will evolve here on our website at www.lnrp.org/newsletter and represent a collective effort of LNRP volunteers, board members, and staff.

Fonferek’s Glen

Devil’s River

Fischer Creek

Logan Creek

Killsnake State Wildlife Area

Red Arrow Beach

Ahnapee State Trail